Root Cutting

A large amount of damage can be caused to drainage systems by tree roots damaging and causing blockages in the drains. This is a natural issue to deal with as trees and plants tend to grow towards water sources ( this is called hydrotropism) and thrive in damp areas, including drains where water is present. If roots get into the drains and aren't dealt with, they will grow over time, causing damage to the pipes, collapsed drains and also blockages.
Flailing equipment that is powered by high pressured water is used to cut the roots from the inside of the drain and clear blockages. Once the removal of the roots is complete the following process would be to use a structural liner to reduce the likelihood of the roots getting into the drain in the future.
In the final situation where the root has caused the drain to collapse, the process to resolve this issue is likely to include excavation, replacement of the pipe, backfilling and reinstating the drain. Drainage Consultants are able to analyse the situation of your drains and provide recommended actions to reduce and
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