Blocked Sewer

We provide comprehensive, effective and competitively priced sewer unblocking services in the Auckland region.
Slow drainage, gurgling or bubbling sounds, structural damage such as cracked walls or floors and sewer odours are all signs that your sewers need urgent attention. Blocked sewers can be very costly if left untreated, not only because of the process required to unblock or repair blocked sewers, but also due to the damage they can cause surrounding structures.
De-silting is the key to keeping sewers, pipes and drains in good repair and fully operational. Used as a preventive measure, it can help you avoid costly repairs later.
When liquid moves through drains and sewers, inevitably heavier materials settle at the bottom of the pipes and collect. If not cleared regularly, they can solidify over time and compromise the efficiency of your drainage and sewer system. The process of removing these deposits is called de-silting.
Hydro jetting or blasting is an effective way to de-silt. It is also environmentally friendly as only water and high-pressure systems are utilised to cut through stubborn collection of dirt.
Root growth and intrusions are a common cause of sewer damage and blockage, especially roots of mature trees. Roots are attracted to drains because of the nutrients and moisture to be found within them. If your backyard or garden has mature trees that run near sewer lines, we suggest calling the experts – Ace Drain Unblocking Ltd – to keep watch on the growth of roots into the sewer system using advanced CCTV technology . Once roots enter the pipes, it doesn’t take long for them to take over and damage them.
The hydro jet is an effective way to cut root trees. The flexibility of the hose of a hydro jet allows greater manoeuvrability and allows the hose to get as close to possible as the intrusion. An appropriate nozzle helps remove the debris efficiently and quickly.
Using a speicalised Electric Eel machine, roots can be mechanically removed from the drains to clear the blockages. Ace-Drain Unblocking Ltd also have other speicalised root cutting machines for any big or small blocked drains with roots.
If your sewer pipes are extensively damaged by root intrusions or rotten because of silt accumulation, Ace Drain Unblocking Ltd have multiple solutions to offer. First CCTV inspection is used to determine the location and extent of blockage and damage caused by it. Once the Ace Drain Unblocking team will then advise you of the best solution, hydro blasting or complete replacement – depending on the extent of the damage.
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