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We offer a quality assured, guaranteed service at fixed prices. Our team is on hand to provide a fast and efficient blocked drains clearance service inAuckland if you have a problem with your drainage system
We equip our engineers with high-pressure water jetters that can go up to 4000psi. This allows us to clear almost any blocked drains or blockage from the pipework. Whether it’s heavy silt build-up, fatbergs, building rubble & debris, mass roots, or concrete deposits which are preventing the flow of water in the drain lines for a fixed price.
  • Unblock Toilets
  • Gullies Blocked
  • Blocked Sinks
Blocked Drains Responsibility
Please feel free to contact us if you require information on who is responsible for blocked drains or a blocked drain outside your house. Don’t ignore the problem, blocked drains cost more to unblock the more the blockage builds up.
Blocked Drains Clearance in Auckland, speak to our experts call 0274 944 331 .
5 Signs Your Drains are Blocked or Damaged:
1) The Smell Coming from the Drains – Blocked drains tend to emit foul and unpleasant odors. Drains can become blocked due to food debris stuck in the pipes. You might catch the smell of sewage inside the house itself or outside around the drain cover.  If you can still notice the smell after the pipe has been cleaned then this might be a sign that there is a damaged or collapsed pipe somewhere in the system.  A CCTV drain survey will be able to identify the affected area quickly so work can be carried out to fix the problem.
2) The Raised Water Level in the Toilet – The easiest way to detect a toilet blockage is when toilet water level rising higher than normal. If the blockage is caused by a partial waste blockage, using a plunger will probably remove it. However, if water rises to the point of overflowing, there could be a much more serious issue within your drains.
3) Drains Making Gurgling Sounds –  Gurgling noises from drains, plug holes, are early warning signs of a blockage. The gurgling sound indicates that there is trapped air in the pipe that is escaping when you run water.  Often, the combination of dirt and grease can build up in the pipe and the plumbing. This build-up can cause the water to drain slowly. As a result, the air bubbles can not go through the pipes and get expelled at the nearest vent. This is why you can hear a gurgling noise.
4) Signs of Damp – Cracked or collapsed drains can often be a major cause of damp within a property. Damaged drains can lead to issues such as penetrating damp and wet rot. If the pipe has collapsed underneath your home, you might be able to spot signs of damp on the walls or floor. Generally, the result of a leak will be localized to one area of a wall.  If you notice localized damp patches, contact a drainage professional before the damage becomes irreparable – especially if you’re unable to find the source of the damp.
5) Subsidence, Cracks and Structural Damage – One of the common signs of a collapsed drain pipe is subsidence. Water leaking from the pipe and into the ground and soil. This type of problem suggests the pipe has been damaged for quite some time. This can lead to a visible slump or indentation in the ground. An extra green and lush patch of grass may also be a warning, as the leaked sewage can act as a fertiliser.  In cases where the damaged pipe lies beneath a building’s structural points, it’s possible for cracks to appear in the building itself, especially across the floors or in the walls.
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